About Me

I’m a mom, wife, sister; cat-, music- book-lover who lives a sometimes crazy-busy life in Silver Spring, MD. Writing has helped me navigate the ups and downs of daily living, from getting stuck in traffic jams, to the births of two sons, to the loss of both parents.

I am a certified to teach the Journal to the Self workshop, based on the pioneering work of Kay Adams, author of the popular Journal to the Self series of books. I have facilitated or co-lead workshops in a variety of settings, and I’ve also been a writer and editor for various trade publications and my own work for close to 25 years.

I bring compassion and sensitivity to my teaching, along with a mindfulness practice that informs my approach. I love to see people’s faces light up when they connect with their own wisdom and power through something they have written, whether it be a poem, essay, or journal passage.

I strive to give people from all walks of life the tools and resources they need to joyfully express what is uniquely theirs to say, whether it be for personal exploration and growth, or for a wider audience.